At Q42, technology is a lens for creativity. So our logo itself is also technology: a code logo.

Step 1
<script src="" async></script>
Step 2
Done! (or checkout more options)

Logos have always changed form with the times. From lead type to black-and-white xerox-friendly to full-color gradients. But logos also have been static. The Q42 logo is interactive, because our medium is interactive.


Checkout them sweet bezier curves.


Q42 green, in a variety of standards you might need:

How to use this logo

  1. Add <script src="" async></script>.
  2. Place a logo using <q42></q42>. Use CSS to style & position.

That's it! Optionally, you can add attributes to <q42>:

Some Examples of renderers, attributes, and CSS animation.

The old-fashioned way

You can get the logo as a vector or image file (SVG or PNG). This is not recommended because it is boring.

Color way
Include <img src="" />
or download

Even more old-fashioned

Rumors exist that outside of the modern world, some still use paper to get stuff done. We don't know why or what for. But if someone asks for something called a 'vector file', just give them this EPS file.

Physical prototyping

Go wild

Some awesome alternative logos for use on swag:

Contribute (Q42-ers only)

Doodles on specific days, attract animations, hidden minigames, whatever:

  1. Clone from Github
  2. Create a module to add behavior (based on either canvas or WebGL)
  3. PR
  4. Voila! Logo awesome +1

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